Fine Arts & Design

Poéme is a Visual Arts workshop, located in Nafplio, a coastal city of the Peloponnese in southern Greece. The studio teaches Fine Arts & Art History, Decorative arts and Interior Design. Taking into account the ambitions of the laboratory and the nature of its services, I created a logo inspired entirely by the basic shapes of geometry, in an effort to express the variety of visual fields the laboratory is interested in. Therefore as it pertains to archetypal art forms, modern sources of design or architectural structures, simplicity and clean design is of vital importance . More over, the custom font has been designed with whole shapes and thin lines, thus playing with strong design options. This way one gives meaning to the open form of learning and to the range of creative stimuli that the laboratory represents.

My goal was to create an authentic logo that exudes the aura of both fine arts and design, referring to eras of artistic creation such as the Russian avant-garde and the Bauhaus.

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