Ethereal, all organic handmade soaps.

Swedish-Greek brand of natural beauty and wellness products. I was asked to design the logo and visual identity, and also some soap packaging, which are the first products of the company. The name comes from the word Phaos (-Φάος- in Greek), an ancient Greek noun synonymous to light. The logo is a typographic symbol of the Greek letter “Φ” – F –  and hides inside the superposition of the symbolic shapes of the moon and the sun, 2 natural lights. The brand aims for an aesthetically simple and neat product, respecting the organic principles and the natural ingredients and oils used to create them. So we chose to give the packaging a “Doric” character, highlighting typographic details and textures with a clean composition. Black and white print, coexist harmoniously on Kraft paper, to create a subtle and elegant aesthetic result.


Logo design
Visual identity