Cocktail bar, Syros, Greece

Ano, in Greek – άνω – is a Greek adverb that means “up” and is very often use to separate a part of a region, village or place. Ano Syros is the medieval center of Syros and historical seat of the unified Municipality of Syros. It is sometimes referred to as “Catholic Hill”. It began to be inhabited as a safer location by the inhabitants of Syros during the Middle Ages, when the island was subject to frequent pirate raids. It has an architectural charm but also a calmness that you feel walking through the labyrinthine alleys.

Because of the medieval history of the island’s upper region and their strong Catholic element, I designed a custom type logo, inspired by printed musical notations & symbols you find on sheet music of Gregorian chants. The logo combines the medieval aura as well as a concept about the cocktail bar’s location, the negative space of the letters hides an arrow pointing in the up direction. The fainted yellow color aim to give to the brand an old, mysterious aesthetic and create a strong contrast with the black elements of the brand’s identity. Despite the fact that the bar is located in a bright landscape of a Greek island, I wanted its identity to carry a somber and dull, “historical” character.

Field of action

Logo design